Saturday, October 1, 2011

From Spainland to England

We are returning to our home for a while. Maggie finally got some days off and we will be off to England to meet her folks, Jack and Jane ! I have to shop things for everyone before we take the flight , I am taking shirts for the Rat Club members that says "I LOVE ADAM!". Yeap that comes from the online shop I have. Plus I am pretty sure they will love me once I tell them all the stories of Spain.So T-shirts for my new future fans is a must. :)

Mojo is super excited , so am I. I can't wait to hear people speaking in a language I can understand. I am a Lion when I am at my home! Free to run around the streets , free to shout aloud and dance without worrying .And I dont have to worry about getting lost either, because the streets are all familiar and so are the people. HOME it is! Home Home Home *Dancing and Jumps into the air* .Woohoo!

As I looked back I realized , its been 6 months! Yeap 6 months in Spain. We learnt so much about this country , made friends , enjoyed great food .The culture is amazing .Oh and not to forget the great adventures we had here.I think I am in love with this place. I don't know if we are coming back to Spain after the break but if we do, I will try to learn a lil more Spanish.

Jim Delore is feeling sad , I am feeling bad for the guy , he is so cool. He doesnt deserve to be sad . So I have made some secret plans to cheer him up. Lets see how it goes. Shh don't you dare to tell Jim about the secret, I am setting a dinner date for Mags and Jim with some Rod Stewart music.I hope they have fun!

And for you wonderful people who read me regularly, if you are in England . Give me a call! Lets rock and roll sometimes. Join me on my facebook account and I will love to chit-chat with you people.

-Lots of love to everyone , plays a track by Rod Stewart!

Adam Rat