Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dinner with Jim Delore

Maggie invited Jim Delore over fo dinner the other day,they probably met in the lift the other day and he knew English! Maggie made dinner and we were setting up the table together.We were excited and this was the first time someone was coming over since we shiftedd here.The Bell Rang and there he was Mr. Dancing Lover,I couldn't stop laughing but somehow I controlled,I don't want him to think I am crazy too.Looking at a laughing Rat will probably give him a shock!

Once he got settled Maggie called my name,I was trying to hide.She introduced me,he smiled and I waved my hand for a "Hi!".He looked surprised and said "Odancing image was still on my mind,it was hilarious.
It had been a long time I didn't pulled anyone's leg,this was a great chance.How could I miss it? I took my crayons and made a drawing of a man dancing alone! I took the painting to Maggie ,she asked me what is this Adam.Jim looked at it and Oh I wish I could describe his look.He said nothing for sometime,and looked at me and smiled.His face was a little red.He finally broke the silence and said were you the one who ate my pizza? I nodded.Maggie understood everything and looked at me with her blue big eyes and said you are in trouble Adam.

But Jim interrupted her and said oh its ok.I love your rat,he is not only smart but also has a great sense of humour.WE can be great pals buddy and he took me in his palms.Oh Jim is a good man,I thought to myself.My first friend in Spain.We all ate dinner,it was delicious.I started feeling sleepy.

Maggie and Jim were talking.He was impressed by the fact that she was into photography,Maggie showed some of her work to him.He is a lawyer by profession but he told Maggie that he enjoys Photography as a hobby .I went to the gallery and looked at the sky while they were talking,it was so beautiful.I came and switched on some music.Maggie and I started dancing,soon Jim joined us and the three of us had real fun.I was so tired that after dancing for sometime,I climbed the legs of the dining table ,reached the top and fell asleep.

I don't remember much,I guess Jim must have left after sometime and probably Maggie shifted me to our room,because when I woke up today I was in her palm.

I think whoever said first impression is the last impression was wrong because Jim isn't a crazy person,he actually is a real gentleman.

That's all from my side,I hope you all had a great Easter!
With Love,
Adam Rat

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Neighbor

Maggie and I went for a walk today.I love it when I get to walk freely,freedom is such a wonderful thing."Freedom,freedom,freedom!!". Being in pocket sucks. The sky looked wonderful covered with millions of bright ,twinkling stars.When we got back Maggie went to bed,it was a tiring day at Office.I think the work load is a bit too much here,she was dead tired.I thought it was better to leave her alone.I went to our gallery to enjoy the view. Suddenly I heard some music,it was good,my legs automatically started moving towards it.I reached the gallery of another apartment.As I made the entrance I saw a young guy dancing alone.Haha Oh boy,I couldn't stop laughing.Either this guy is in love or something is wrong with his head,I said to myself.I got in.He was so absorbed that he didn't realized my presence which in a way was good.I kept enjoying the show.If he will dance this way,there is no chance he will get a girl.Anyways,I went ahead to check his kitchen.Whoa,there was a big cheese pizza kept on the platform.

I won't eat,I just ate my dinner,I am on diet,this is not my pizza.I tried all these lines to avoid eating it but it didn't worked.Cheese and Pizza ,who will miss the chance of eating such a heavenly combination.I started eating it.And danced a little with the music.The guy was still dancing haha he definitely met someone special today,I can tell that from his eyes.Across the living room their was a picture of him holding a Trophy,I went closer to have a better look.It said "Jim Delora- Swimming Champion 2001".Wow a swimming champion!

I can't swim,Maggie is also a weak swimmer she avoids going into deep water.And this guy here is a champ,impressive.Suddenly the music stopped and I knew it was time for me to get back .I quickly reached his gallery,gave a final look at the remaining pizza.I left a lot for him as well,I am not selfish.And he is a human he can order more if he wants.So on that note I started running on the pipes and reached our apartment.

I went into Maggie's room to check her.She was sleeping and snoring.I love it when she snores.Her face looked so calm and relaxed,she definitely needed a good night sleep.I used the bedsheet to get up on the bed.Usually she takes me up with her palm,but today she was tired and I am big enough to climb a bed.I somehow reached her palm without touching her feet.If she is sleeping,never ever touch her feet,it tickles her and she kicks.

Her soft palm is my bed,thats where I get most of my dreams.I am off to bed.

Goodnight Friends!
Adam Rat
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Friday, April 8, 2011


Joaquin Cortes,the famous Flamenco dancer is from Spain.I am a big fan of his.His dance is so powerful,the expressions are intense and the whole dancing is Perfecto! I love the music.I am still weak and lying in bed was making me get bored. So I decided to turn on some music! Luckily there was already a CD in the player,all I had to do was press play.It gets really tricky when there's no CD in.I prefer not to try inserting one,it is heavy and very circular.This one is the CD of famous Spanish songs,Maggie burnt her favourites into a CD for this trip.It has dances of Joaquin.

Move,move ,oh yeah,oh yeah.The music makes me feel good.Who will say I was almost dead a couple of hours ago.I think music makes our lives better,no matter how stressed we are,no problem is too big when you have good music turned on.Maggie is gone out for work,she left me as she thought I needed some rest plus after yesterday's incident it was better if I stayed in.She was expecting I will be resting in bed,I think its a very good thought.But Lions never sleep,ok I know I am rat,but the Dialogue is pretty heavy,huh?

While I was dancing I saw a blue bird,I think it was a bird.I went to check the window but it was gone.After dancing for almost an hour,I got tired and decided to sit back and relax.What a beautiful day!? There is big gallery in our apartment,one gets a full view of the road outside our place from there.I shifted my chair there and was enjoying the view.

All the galleries are connected through some pipe like thingies,I think its the connecting cables for phones or something like that.It is thick enough for me to walk,I don't want to borrow any trouble today,so I won't try it but its definitely a good way of reaching downstairs,I bet I will reach faster than the lift!
Paella was good,Tasty! Spain is a wonderful country,it will be interesting to spend almost a month here.When Maggie will be done with her work,we will head back to England.I will meet my friends and share my experiences with the rat club.Oh how much I miss them!

I am sharing with you a video featuring J.Cortes.I hope you will enjoy the video. :)

There is one more performance that I totally enjoyed ,here is the link to that performance of Joaquin Cortes.He is wonderful!!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Train Adventure

Maggie had a meeting with a client yesterday,we had to go to Zaragoza.After finding the location on the internet and printing out a map we started off our trip.After a short drive,we arrived at the railway station,she took me with her as its not safe for me to be alone in a new place.I keep getting lost because of my "Jumpy jump" type of nature,and she is well aware of that.So she put me in her coat's pocket and we took the train.I usually avoid getting out of her pocket in a crowd as its scary to see lots of heads running here and there.I wonder where they all go,anyways who cares!

The train takes around 75 minutes to travel from Madrid to Zaragoza,someone told Maggie in English when she enquired.I was curious to see the view outside as suddenly the noise became less,maybe because we left the station and got into the train,but still I wanted to check and so I gave a quick peak outside.Unfortunately ,my eyes met with a round big pair of other eyes and the next thing I remember was this crazy women shouting and pointing fingers towards the pocket.

I got scared less by the finger and more by her voice and popped out of the pocket.I know I made a mistake,my bad,but she was damn scary.I started running and people started getting off their seats.I am not sure why,I thought I was scared,I am not sure why they started running too.Or maybe I was imagining because of being so scared,it was all very confusing.Maggie was shouting my name and trying to tell people that I am her pet,but I don't think they really understood what she said,because they didn't stopped shouting.

I jumped and landed on the seat but a man tried to catch me,Woof,What made him think he can catch me? I slipped and continued running.I was feeling like a sprint runner ,with not much stamina though.Next I was hanging to a women's purse but she shook it so hard that I got smashed into the glass window .I felt dizzy and as soon as I felt the sensation of Maggie's Palm, I fainted. Oh did I forget to add ,I fainted saying "I will be back!"? Ha ha Jokes apart,well that happens only in the movies.

After 5 hours when I got my senses back,we were at home.I felt terrible firstly because I was hurt ,and secondly Maggie had to cancel her appointment because of me.Maggie looked at me and said "Alíviate pronto".I don't know what that means but I am sure it means something good.We will be making Paella today for dinner,its a traditional Spanish dish,will let you know how it was when we meet next time.

Feliz fin de semana! HappyWeekend :)

Adam Rat

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Introduction: Hello Everyone!

I am Adam 'The Rat'.I have no idea where I am originally from,but right now I live with my owner Maggie.She is a pretty wonderful person.She works as a Photographer for the National Science Magazine.We just shifted to a new place .They call it Spain.The place is nice.We still don't have much friends here as we don't know many people,but I bet we will soon make friends! I have learnt one thing from my experience that if you give a big smile to a human,they will be your friends in less than a minute.Maggie uses this trick,it always works!

Apart from eating all day and running all over the place,I love watching television and eating Pizzas,*Yum yum*.That's one good reason why Im a little over weight,not fat! just a little over weight. :)Maggie and I love watching movies,that's what we do every weekend.She loves watching the emotional crap,oopsie sorry but truth is truth,but just sometimes when I am lucky we watch Rat movies! I bet you all have watched Ratatouille and Stuart Little.They are my idols! They truely knew how to be a True Rat! My rat club has banners of these great men all over them.They wore super classy clothes,ate food and knew how to get the ladies.I am a little different though,I am happy with my shorts and I really have a hard luck with the ladies,but I am learning and just someday I am hoping to meet the girl of my dreams.Girls these days want "Mulaah"!. "No value for my heart,no value for my love",Haha I sound like a drunk heartbroken man,thats from where I borrowed the lines!.

Maggie and I are real close,we can just read everything in each other's eyes.Its easy for me as her eyes are big and blue.I wonder how she reads mine.I have learnt English from her,but here its of no use.We can't talk to anyone they speak something entirely different.Maggie knows how to speak Hello,How are you? in this new language.It goes like this 'Hola!,Cómo está?' People stare us when she says that,I think something is wrong with the way she says it.I just do not understand why humans have so many languages,why can't they have a one for all,like us .
Its been only a week that we got here but seems like its been years since I haven't met my gang.Mojo is my best pal.He is the Dude,I tell you.He loves Jay-Z,even I like him too.I pray for my friend Mojo each night,I am sure he is missing me too back in England.

We live in Madrid,I don't know much about this place but I do know their is a Soccer Stadium near our house as we hear people roar at the top of their voices whenever a match is being played.I'm hoping to get a chance to see the stadium soon.I have made list of the places to visit, it includes River Manazanares,Buen Ritero park,The royal theatre,please let me know if you know some good places near Madrid ,Spain! I will ask Maggie to take me there and you bet she won't refuse when I will make my "Puppy Eyes" face.

Goodnight for now!

Adam "The Rat"