Sunday, January 29, 2012

I am in Love!

Hello Everyone!! 
I bet y'll are wondering where am I these days. Oh well, I am in Hawaii. Maggie got a new project in Honolulu and so here we are. I love this place, the people are friendly and everything is beautiful. Hawaii is also special because here I found the Love of my life. 
Yep, old days are gone. Now I have a girl by my side and I take her on long drives.Her name is Irene, she came in my life like a hurricane and now all I can see is her! She is fun we spend our days relaxing on the beach while Maggie is busy with the Photoshoots.
I am sharing Irene's pictures with you.Her owner is Kanati who is from India.The women has a great sense of fashion, she makes sure that my beautiful Irene looks more Beautiful each day. Its going great. How is everyone doing? I found some real great sites for RAT clothes, jewel shopping or accessories, if you want to shop for your RAT pets check these ones out or else you can always stitich we love anything that is made with love!
This is My Love, Irene! 

If she found out I only posted 1 picture , lol she is gonna be real upset.WE definitely don't want that.She is so precious.Here are more of her pictures!
Irene! <3

Isn't she Beautiful?

Irene and her Owner Kanati!                                                                                                 
I hope you all will love her as much as you love me.Now I am off to the beach ,the waves woohoo and the trees woohoo and the far fetched sky woohoo!! Bye Bye.
With Love,
Adam The Rat! ;)