Saturday, May 21, 2011


Maggie scolded me for being flirty with Miss Valentina and refused to pass on my list to her.Well,so I figured out another way of getting the list to my teacher.I gave it to a fellow Cambodian classmate! He laughed when he read it but agreed that he will give it to her.The next day in the class when everyone was submitting the list ,he passed on my list. Miss Valentina looked at the guy with two lists and asked my mate why is he giving two lists.He pointed his finger at me and said the second list is made by me.Miss Valentina smiled at him and said "Now that's a new techinque of asking people out,why getting the poor little rat in between?"

What!!!? My eyes popped out at her response ,my classmate couldn't control laughing but he somehow kept his composure after all who wants to miss the chance of going out with a sexy girl like our Spanish Teacher.Miss Valentina thought My Classmate Sovann gave it to her to ask her out for coffee and was using my name as a cover.

She agreed to go out for coffee with him.I didn't know what to do! Maggie on one hand was laughing at me and Sovann was happy that stars are in his favor today.
After the class ,the two went for the coffee.I wrote "TRAITOR!" in Big Characters on a piece of paper and gave it to Sovann,he gave me a "I'm sorry!" look and went out of the class with Miss Valentina.

While we were getting back from the class,Maggie kept looking at me and smiling,I avoided her and focussed on other buildings and suddenly the earth started shaking.Maggie stopped the car and we got out of it.The place was hit by an earthquake,I am sure you guys read about it in Newspaper and Channels etc.We are safe,although the magnitude was around 4.9 - 5.1.But Me and Maggie are safe and sound with all our body parts properly attached so don't worry guys! Some old structures fell down and earthquake caused a lot of harm to the city,but now its all ok.Under Control.

Next week our friends from UK are visiting us ,you got it right Miss E and Mojo,we are planning a visit to the Canary Islands.Can't wait to meet my pal Mojo Hojo Pojo! ha ha
Maggie keeps telling the Miss Valentina episode to everyone,my heart aches!! Jim teased me saying,"Can't believe you missed a chick like that".Now when Mojo comes here,I hope Maggie keeps shut or else I will have to face another round of humiliation.Life is funny sometimes but atleast I did some good to my mate Sovann.

That's all from my end guys,Take care of yourselves and keep writing me back.

One more thing,thanks for giving a positive response to the "Pet of the Day-Contest!",I will be putting it up soon.

With lots of love,
Adam Rat

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Spanish Class

Now that we have to stay in Spain for some more time.We enrolled ourselves into a spanish class,thanks to Jim,we found this class which is just a couple of blocks away from our apartment.We will be attending them thrice a week! There are 16 more students and 2 of us which is 18 in total,See I know math! All from different countries,some from Combodia,a few Americans,Indian, 1 Russian and then me and Maggie.The teacher is beautiful Miss Valentina.I love Jim,he is the best of the best!

He was the one who found this class and now I know why he attended this class.We began the first session with introductions and Basic simple but useful Spanish sentences.

I couldnt take my eyes off from Miss Valentina! I just don't know what was it that she was speaking but whatever it was,it was Sweet! Spanish is tough but fun to speak.We need a LOT of practise,mostly with the pronounciation part.

Cómo estás? - How are you?

Encantado de conocerte -Nice to meet you

¿Dónde está el baño? -Where is the Bathroom?

¿Dónde está este lugar? -Where is this place?

¿Me pueden ayudar? -Can you help me?

no me gustan frijoles - I don't like Beans! ( :) )

Miss Valentina told us to get a list of sentences we use a lot and will love to know how they are spoken in spanish.My list has 3 lines already!

1.Will you like to go out for coffee,Miss Valentina?

2.I love Spain

3.You are Sexy!

I will give my list to Maggie,first thing in the morning so that she can pass it on to our Spanish Teacher.Everything else is going GREAT here in Madrid.I hope you all are having a good time too.May you all have a great day ahead.Oh and yes if you want to know any sentence in Spanish,let me know,I will ask the teacher.And if you know Spanish please tell me some great lines so that I can impress Miss Valentina ;) .
With Love,
Adam Rat


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Miss E,Mojo and more Spain!

Sunlight oh oh sunlight,while i was busy singing and taking a bath in my tub,Maggie was having a conversation on phone.After the convo was over,she came into the bathroom.She looked at me ,her blue big eyes showed sadness.She left the place without saying anything.I stopped singing ,got out of the tub,wondering what was wrong.In the living room near the telephone their was a letter that said extention of time period.The letter said that the company Maggie is working for liked her work and wants her to stay for some more time.This should make her happy,but Maggie was missing her friends and family.I missed everyone too.

Here we don't know many people and the ones we know mostly speak more Spanish and only a lil English.So feeling homesick isnt a surprise,maybe we should travel a lil more.Anyways Maggie was sad and I have to do something to make her Happy again.Umm Maybe I should go and ask Jim for help,but it will take years to make him understand what am I trying to say.I kept pacing up and down ,What should I do? What should I do? Maggie on the other hand was in the kitchen killing vegetables like a butcher.She was angry,haha I felt sorry for poor veggies .

It was afternoon,we ate the food which was bad just like Maggie's mood but I ate it quietly.I better think of something to cheer her up or she will get us killed with the poisonous food,I thought in my head and smiled.The smiled disappered when Maggie gave me a look! I started eating my plate again,we both knew it was terrible.

The day was dull ,Maggie was sad all the time.In the evening ,Maggie switched on her laptop and found her best friend " E "available on skype.E's pet is Mojo who also happens to be my best pal.Maggie called for me,I came running ,it was so good to hear her voice finally! She was very quiet since morning and now her face had a big smile.She pointed her fingers to the screen and their it was!! My best friend Mojo with her owner Miss E!

I met Mojo for the first time in the annual rat race when we were little kids.We both lost it and came last and second last respectively.Mojo still feels proud that I was the one who came last.I can win a race if its a virtual one,you know in video games and all.

It was so good to see Mojo on the screen,I am very happy today.Thanks to Maggie,She is the best person in the whole world.We talked for half an hour,we basically just looked at each other most of the times.Typing is hard as I have to literally jump on every key to write a line.And after a few lines,I get tired.But still I wrote ,"Mojo,miss u.You look fat!"

Mojo replied,"Look who's talking! " with a ROFL smiley.I winked at him as the call ended.Maggie had to leave for office for some meeting.I packed my crayons in my suitcase before coming so that I can paint whenever I find the time.Great Picasso was from spain!

Do you have a best friend.if yes,tell me about him/her.I will love to hear your story as well,any funny moments? I bet there are lots!

With Love,
Adam Rat