Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cooking , Living , Loving!

Hello Everyone!

Longtime , no see.I know! Well love is certainly keeping me busy. Irene has moved in with me.I am so happy Maggie let her in. We live together in this little "Shack" of ours. We spend most of our time playing on the beach while Maggie is busy with work.

Irene loves to cook so we keep trying our hands on new and exciting dishes.If I will continue,maybe someday I can give cooking lessons.For now all I do is clean up the mess after she is done cooking and arrange the table.

We explored new and fun places mostly beaches like Hakuna Beach , Waikiki Beach , Kamaole , Kiahuna , Nampili to name a few! :D This place is heaven.

I am sharing a few pictures Maggie took at the beach.They are beautiful,I am having the best time of my life.Oh and Irene loves my blog,she wanted to gave her inputs too.So haha we are posting a lil sketch she made of me!

Spent a week here and it was amazing.Best thing not a lot of crowd!

The water was super but CROWD!

Irene and I played a lot on this pretty boat.The owner is a kind gentleman named Joy.

And Last but not the least, sharing a sketch made by my lovely girlfriend Irene.The sketch is funny but she made it with a lot of love!

Adam Rat - By Irene
I hope all you lovely folks are doing good,I will love to know how life is treating you all, please drop a comment and let me know.

With lots of love , (Waving at you from Hawaii)
Adam Rat


Sunday, January 29, 2012

I am in Love!

Hello Everyone!! 
I bet y'll are wondering where am I these days. Oh well, I am in Hawaii. Maggie got a new project in Honolulu and so here we are. I love this place, the people are friendly and everything is beautiful. Hawaii is also special because here I found the Love of my life. 
Yep, old days are gone. Now I have a girl by my side and I take her on long drives.Her name is Irene, she came in my life like a hurricane and now all I can see is her! She is fun we spend our days relaxing on the beach while Maggie is busy with the Photoshoots.
I am sharing Irene's pictures with you.Her owner is Kanati who is from India.The women has a great sense of fashion, she makes sure that my beautiful Irene looks more Beautiful each day. Its going great. How is everyone doing? I found some real great sites for RAT clothes, jewel shopping or accessories, if you want to shop for your RAT pets check these ones out or else you can always stitich we love anything that is made with love!
This is My Love, Irene! 

If she found out I only posted 1 picture , lol she is gonna be real upset.WE definitely don't want that.She is so precious.Here are more of her pictures!
Irene! <3

Isn't she Beautiful?

Irene and her Owner Kanati!                                                                                                 
I hope you all will love her as much as you love me.Now I am off to the beach ,the waves woohoo and the trees woohoo and the far fetched sky woohoo!! Bye Bye.
With Love,
Adam The Rat! ;)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

From Spainland to England

We are returning to our home for a while. Maggie finally got some days off and we will be off to England to meet her folks, Jack and Jane ! I have to shop things for everyone before we take the flight , I am taking shirts for the Rat Club members that says "I LOVE ADAM!". Yeap that comes from the online shop I have. Plus I am pretty sure they will love me once I tell them all the stories of Spain.So T-shirts for my new future fans is a must. :)

Mojo is super excited , so am I. I can't wait to hear people speaking in a language I can understand. I am a Lion when I am at my home! Free to run around the streets , free to shout aloud and dance without worrying .And I dont have to worry about getting lost either, because the streets are all familiar and so are the people. HOME it is! Home Home Home *Dancing and Jumps into the air* .Woohoo!

As I looked back I realized , its been 6 months! Yeap 6 months in Spain. We learnt so much about this country , made friends , enjoyed great food .The culture is amazing .Oh and not to forget the great adventures we had here.I think I am in love with this place. I don't know if we are coming back to Spain after the break but if we do, I will try to learn a lil more Spanish.

Jim Delore is feeling sad , I am feeling bad for the guy , he is so cool. He doesnt deserve to be sad . So I have made some secret plans to cheer him up. Lets see how it goes. Shh don't you dare to tell Jim about the secret, I am setting a dinner date for Mags and Jim with some Rod Stewart music.I hope they have fun!

And for you wonderful people who read me regularly, if you are in England . Give me a call! Lets rock and roll sometimes. Join me on my facebook account and I will love to chit-chat with you people.

-Lots of love to everyone , plays a track by Rod Stewart!

Adam Rat

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Adam Rat Song!


Me and Jim Delore , (yeah my neighbor ) wrote a real funny song called "The Adam Rat Song ! ". It was Jim's idea. He thinks I deserve a song . So we wrote it. We wanted Maggie to sing it but you know her its just so hard to convince her plus she is still a lil upset over the " PET SHELTER INCIDENT " :| .

Beautiful Isabella! She is a friend ,took the picture from Maggie's collection. Sorry Maggie!

I want someone to sing it for me, let me know if anyone is interested. Anything fun will do. Here are the lyrics , I bet you will die laughing. We had real fun making them haha :D . Oh and feel free do send me your own ideas or if you want to modify the lyrics. You are my friends so what you all say goes!

The Adam Rat Song!

My name is Adam Rat
Im not afraid of any cat
I am cute and I am fat
Oh Oh what is my name
Yeah its Adam The Rat.

From England to Spain
I travelled by the plane
I talk and dance and play
At one place I cant stay
Um what was my name again
Oh yeah its Adam the Rat.

Lalalalalalalaaaaa lalalalalalalaaaa

I love playing ball
I slide across the hall
I can chase the fastest chicken
but In not allowed in the kitchen

Maggie says Rules are rules
Me thinks they are for fools
I bet now you know my name.
I am naughty and a little mad
My name is Adam The rat! ;)

I hope the song made you laugh , for helping me with the recording or giving suggestions please drop a message on my facebook account or email me on the ID that you can on your left , yep on my facebook Badge! :) Bye Bye for now. Have a great weekend ahead!


Adam The Rat!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Don't Drink , Stay Safe! I'm back :)

Hello People!

I missed y'all. I bet you missed me too. Well I was grounded for creating a big mess. Maggie and I went to a party and I drank what all humans were drinking.It was a small drink in a pretty shinny glass. The last thing I remember was drinking it.Rest is history. Suddenly I woke up and found myself in a cage! Yes in a cage! The local cleaners found me in a pipe and captured me in a cage.

It was horrible.I was scared and confused.More scared and less confused. The guys looked cruel and very ugly. After jumping for almost an hour inside that stupid small cage,I realized it was of no use. I felt like my end was near. My mind was totally disturbed when I thought about Maggie and how worried she must be!
Never really thought my life would end like this,in a cage.Who knows where these guys were taking me,maybe they will burn me or put me into the sea,I have seen that in movies.God,the thought brought a shiver in my spine. I wonder if I have a spine? will google that once if I survive from these giants. Suddenly my whole life started appearing in front of my eyes.Maggie's eyes were the first thing I saw when I came into the world,thats what I remember the most, Mojo my best pal, How Maggie made me eat food ,and ran around the house to catch me,and how ,oh my rat club!! I cant die without telling about my adventures to my rat club members.

 This is not happening.The thought of dying without meeting the club members made me real mad.This is not happening, I cannot die without being called a HERO. Dying like this is so not me.Who will inspire the next  generation of rats? Who will teach them skills to survive in the other side of the world and how to impress beautiful ladies and how to talk and do stunts and use a computer.I cant die.

The moment that thought came into my head , I decided I wont give up.The guys put me into a truck with a lot of other cages.All cages had animals,some big,some small. After driving for an hour the truck stopped in the middle of a very crowdy place.I could hear a lot of noise but again I cant understand a word.Other animals were talking too which was also not at all understandable.But no one appeared to be scared,I wonder why? um Maybe because they are brave could be one reason or we are not getting killed could be other ,I said to myself.Either way I cannot start crying (although I wanted to) as no one was sad or scared of dying.

We reached a big place which looked more like a village.Farms and greenary,shucks the banner at the top said "PET SHELTER". I was relieved that I am not dying but Maggie will eventually kill me once she finds me here was something that I was still a little afraid of. They put us all in different cages.I was with rats, a lot of rats.

After 3 weeks Maggie finally found me, she displayed my picture on facebook and gave a copy to everyone for spreading the news and published it in a newspaper as well.I never realized I was the only rat wearing clothes,so it was easy to find me inspite of the fact that I was with 100+ more rats,now I know why other rats were staring me and not talking to me.A guy called Alfredo called her up after reading about me in a newspaper.Alfredo works for this pet shelter.

Maggie came and took me back home.I just kept shut ,thats what I thought was best to do. Phew! now that I am back and sitting on my little chair I feel happy and alive.Life is a beautiful gift friends and its funny when you find out that suddenly its about to end.Other thing that I learnt from this little journey of mine is that never drink if you cant hold your liquor!

Thats all for today,

Dont Drink and stay safe ( Please take a lesson from what happened to me,trust me staying in a cage isnt a good idea and dying is even worse)

With lots of love,
Adam Rat

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pablo Picasso

Hello Fellas!

Sorry,couldn't write anything recently.Well Mojo was in town and he drove me crazy with his ideas.We executed a couple of them! I think I'm becoming a fan of Pablo Picasso,he is awesome.We went to this museum called "Museo Reina Sofia" .It has one of the most famous paiting of Pablo Picasso known as the Guernica.Museo Reina Sofia is in Madrid not too far from our place.Guernica was made during the Spanish Civil War,it shows the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals,particularly innocent civilians.The painting has a lot of things on it,its kind of complicated for a rat to understand but if you take a proper look at it,it is a great piece of art.Guernica is grey,black and white mural size canvas painted in oil.


Some other wonderful paintings by Picasso! Three Musicians is kind of funny,it makes me smile ha ha.And the man in old guitarist has such strong emotions on his face,great art.

Old Guitarist

 The Three Musicians

Madame Soler

I hope you enjoyed Picasso's work as much as I did.Take Care Everyone,Have a great week ahead!

Until Next Time,

Adam Rat

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Maggie scolded me for being flirty with Miss Valentina and refused to pass on my list to her.Well,so I figured out another way of getting the list to my teacher.I gave it to a fellow Cambodian classmate! He laughed when he read it but agreed that he will give it to her.The next day in the class when everyone was submitting the list ,he passed on my list. Miss Valentina looked at the guy with two lists and asked my mate why is he giving two lists.He pointed his finger at me and said the second list is made by me.Miss Valentina smiled at him and said "Now that's a new techinque of asking people out,why getting the poor little rat in between?"

What!!!? My eyes popped out at her response ,my classmate couldn't control laughing but he somehow kept his composure after all who wants to miss the chance of going out with a sexy girl like our Spanish Teacher.Miss Valentina thought My Classmate Sovann gave it to her to ask her out for coffee and was using my name as a cover.

She agreed to go out for coffee with him.I didn't know what to do! Maggie on one hand was laughing at me and Sovann was happy that stars are in his favor today.
After the class ,the two went for the coffee.I wrote "TRAITOR!" in Big Characters on a piece of paper and gave it to Sovann,he gave me a "I'm sorry!" look and went out of the class with Miss Valentina.

While we were getting back from the class,Maggie kept looking at me and smiling,I avoided her and focussed on other buildings and suddenly the earth started shaking.Maggie stopped the car and we got out of it.The place was hit by an earthquake,I am sure you guys read about it in Newspaper and Channels etc.We are safe,although the magnitude was around 4.9 - 5.1.But Me and Maggie are safe and sound with all our body parts properly attached so don't worry guys! Some old structures fell down and earthquake caused a lot of harm to the city,but now its all ok.Under Control.

Next week our friends from UK are visiting us ,you got it right Miss E and Mojo,we are planning a visit to the Canary Islands.Can't wait to meet my pal Mojo Hojo Pojo! ha ha
Maggie keeps telling the Miss Valentina episode to everyone,my heart aches!! Jim teased me saying,"Can't believe you missed a chick like that".Now when Mojo comes here,I hope Maggie keeps shut or else I will have to face another round of humiliation.Life is funny sometimes but atleast I did some good to my mate Sovann.

That's all from my end guys,Take care of yourselves and keep writing me back.

One more thing,thanks for giving a positive response to the "Pet of the Day-Contest!",I will be putting it up soon.

With lots of love,
Adam Rat