Monday, August 29, 2011

The Adam Rat Song!


Me and Jim Delore , (yeah my neighbor ) wrote a real funny song called "The Adam Rat Song ! ". It was Jim's idea. He thinks I deserve a song . So we wrote it. We wanted Maggie to sing it but you know her its just so hard to convince her plus she is still a lil upset over the " PET SHELTER INCIDENT " :| .

Beautiful Isabella! She is a friend ,took the picture from Maggie's collection. Sorry Maggie!

I want someone to sing it for me, let me know if anyone is interested. Anything fun will do. Here are the lyrics , I bet you will die laughing. We had real fun making them haha :D . Oh and feel free do send me your own ideas or if you want to modify the lyrics. You are my friends so what you all say goes!

The Adam Rat Song!

My name is Adam Rat
Im not afraid of any cat
I am cute and I am fat
Oh Oh what is my name
Yeah its Adam The Rat.

From England to Spain
I travelled by the plane
I talk and dance and play
At one place I cant stay
Um what was my name again
Oh yeah its Adam the Rat.

Lalalalalalalaaaaa lalalalalalalaaaa

I love playing ball
I slide across the hall
I can chase the fastest chicken
but In not allowed in the kitchen

Maggie says Rules are rules
Me thinks they are for fools
I bet now you know my name.
I am naughty and a little mad
My name is Adam The rat! ;)

I hope the song made you laugh , for helping me with the recording or giving suggestions please drop a message on my facebook account or email me on the ID that you can on your left , yep on my facebook Badge! :) Bye Bye for now. Have a great weekend ahead!


Adam The Rat!


  1. what a fun song, i like it, and i like Adman the Rat! He's cool

  2. His song sounds so amazing! :)

    Continue your journey Mr. Adam Rat! ♥

    Infinite X's and O's: