Saturday, May 21, 2011


Maggie scolded me for being flirty with Miss Valentina and refused to pass on my list to her.Well,so I figured out another way of getting the list to my teacher.I gave it to a fellow Cambodian classmate! He laughed when he read it but agreed that he will give it to her.The next day in the class when everyone was submitting the list ,he passed on my list. Miss Valentina looked at the guy with two lists and asked my mate why is he giving two lists.He pointed his finger at me and said the second list is made by me.Miss Valentina smiled at him and said "Now that's a new techinque of asking people out,why getting the poor little rat in between?"

What!!!? My eyes popped out at her response ,my classmate couldn't control laughing but he somehow kept his composure after all who wants to miss the chance of going out with a sexy girl like our Spanish Teacher.Miss Valentina thought My Classmate Sovann gave it to her to ask her out for coffee and was using my name as a cover.

She agreed to go out for coffee with him.I didn't know what to do! Maggie on one hand was laughing at me and Sovann was happy that stars are in his favor today.
After the class ,the two went for the coffee.I wrote "TRAITOR!" in Big Characters on a piece of paper and gave it to Sovann,he gave me a "I'm sorry!" look and went out of the class with Miss Valentina.

While we were getting back from the class,Maggie kept looking at me and smiling,I avoided her and focussed on other buildings and suddenly the earth started shaking.Maggie stopped the car and we got out of it.The place was hit by an earthquake,I am sure you guys read about it in Newspaper and Channels etc.We are safe,although the magnitude was around 4.9 - 5.1.But Me and Maggie are safe and sound with all our body parts properly attached so don't worry guys! Some old structures fell down and earthquake caused a lot of harm to the city,but now its all ok.Under Control.

Next week our friends from UK are visiting us ,you got it right Miss E and Mojo,we are planning a visit to the Canary Islands.Can't wait to meet my pal Mojo Hojo Pojo! ha ha
Maggie keeps telling the Miss Valentina episode to everyone,my heart aches!! Jim teased me saying,"Can't believe you missed a chick like that".Now when Mojo comes here,I hope Maggie keeps shut or else I will have to face another round of humiliation.Life is funny sometimes but atleast I did some good to my mate Sovann.

That's all from my end guys,Take care of yourselves and keep writing me back.

One more thing,thanks for giving a positive response to the "Pet of the Day-Contest!",I will be putting it up soon.

With lots of love,
Adam Rat

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  1. Sounds like fun, other than the earthquake. :-) I hope everyone is all right.