Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Spanish Class

Now that we have to stay in Spain for some more time.We enrolled ourselves into a spanish class,thanks to Jim,we found this class which is just a couple of blocks away from our apartment.We will be attending them thrice a week! There are 16 more students and 2 of us which is 18 in total,See I know math! All from different countries,some from Combodia,a few Americans,Indian, 1 Russian and then me and Maggie.The teacher is beautiful Miss Valentina.I love Jim,he is the best of the best!

He was the one who found this class and now I know why he attended this class.We began the first session with introductions and Basic simple but useful Spanish sentences.

I couldnt take my eyes off from Miss Valentina! I just don't know what was it that she was speaking but whatever it was,it was Sweet! Spanish is tough but fun to speak.We need a LOT of practise,mostly with the pronounciation part.

Cómo estás? - How are you?

Encantado de conocerte -Nice to meet you

¿Dónde está el baño? -Where is the Bathroom?

¿Dónde está este lugar? -Where is this place?

¿Me pueden ayudar? -Can you help me?

no me gustan frijoles - I don't like Beans! ( :) )

Miss Valentina told us to get a list of sentences we use a lot and will love to know how they are spoken in spanish.My list has 3 lines already!

1.Will you like to go out for coffee,Miss Valentina?

2.I love Spain

3.You are Sexy!

I will give my list to Maggie,first thing in the morning so that she can pass it on to our Spanish Teacher.Everything else is going GREAT here in Madrid.I hope you all are having a good time too.May you all have a great day ahead.Oh and yes if you want to know any sentence in Spanish,let me know,I will ask the teacher.And if you know Spanish please tell me some great lines so that I can impress Miss Valentina ;) .
With Love,
Adam Rat


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