Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Neighbor

Maggie and I went for a walk today.I love it when I get to walk freely,freedom is such a wonderful thing."Freedom,freedom,freedom!!". Being in pocket sucks. The sky looked wonderful covered with millions of bright ,twinkling stars.When we got back Maggie went to bed,it was a tiring day at Office.I think the work load is a bit too much here,she was dead tired.I thought it was better to leave her alone.I went to our gallery to enjoy the view. Suddenly I heard some music,it was good,my legs automatically started moving towards it.I reached the gallery of another apartment.As I made the entrance I saw a young guy dancing alone.Haha Oh boy,I couldn't stop laughing.Either this guy is in love or something is wrong with his head,I said to myself.I got in.He was so absorbed that he didn't realized my presence which in a way was good.I kept enjoying the show.If he will dance this way,there is no chance he will get a girl.Anyways,I went ahead to check his kitchen.Whoa,there was a big cheese pizza kept on the platform.

I won't eat,I just ate my dinner,I am on diet,this is not my pizza.I tried all these lines to avoid eating it but it didn't worked.Cheese and Pizza ,who will miss the chance of eating such a heavenly combination.I started eating it.And danced a little with the music.The guy was still dancing haha he definitely met someone special today,I can tell that from his eyes.Across the living room their was a picture of him holding a Trophy,I went closer to have a better look.It said "Jim Delora- Swimming Champion 2001".Wow a swimming champion!

I can't swim,Maggie is also a weak swimmer she avoids going into deep water.And this guy here is a champ,impressive.Suddenly the music stopped and I knew it was time for me to get back .I quickly reached his gallery,gave a final look at the remaining pizza.I left a lot for him as well,I am not selfish.And he is a human he can order more if he wants.So on that note I started running on the pipes and reached our apartment.

I went into Maggie's room to check her.She was sleeping and snoring.I love it when she snores.Her face looked so calm and relaxed,she definitely needed a good night sleep.I used the bedsheet to get up on the bed.Usually she takes me up with her palm,but today she was tired and I am big enough to climb a bed.I somehow reached her palm without touching her feet.If she is sleeping,never ever touch her feet,it tickles her and she kicks.

Her soft palm is my bed,thats where I get most of my dreams.I am off to bed.

Goodnight Friends!
Adam Rat
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