Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dinner with Jim Delore

Maggie invited Jim Delore over fo dinner the other day,they probably met in the lift the other day and he knew English! Maggie made dinner and we were setting up the table together.We were excited and this was the first time someone was coming over since we shiftedd here.The Bell Rang and there he was Mr. Dancing Lover,I couldn't stop laughing but somehow I controlled,I don't want him to think I am crazy too.Looking at a laughing Rat will probably give him a shock!

Once he got settled Maggie called my name,I was trying to hide.She introduced me,he smiled and I waved my hand for a "Hi!".He looked surprised and said "Odancing image was still on my mind,it was hilarious.
It had been a long time I didn't pulled anyone's leg,this was a great chance.How could I miss it? I took my crayons and made a drawing of a man dancing alone! I took the painting to Maggie ,she asked me what is this Adam.Jim looked at it and Oh I wish I could describe his look.He said nothing for sometime,and looked at me and smiled.His face was a little red.He finally broke the silence and said were you the one who ate my pizza? I nodded.Maggie understood everything and looked at me with her blue big eyes and said you are in trouble Adam.

But Jim interrupted her and said oh its ok.I love your rat,he is not only smart but also has a great sense of humour.WE can be great pals buddy and he took me in his palms.Oh Jim is a good man,I thought to myself.My first friend in Spain.We all ate dinner,it was delicious.I started feeling sleepy.

Maggie and Jim were talking.He was impressed by the fact that she was into photography,Maggie showed some of her work to him.He is a lawyer by profession but he told Maggie that he enjoys Photography as a hobby .I went to the gallery and looked at the sky while they were talking,it was so beautiful.I came and switched on some music.Maggie and I started dancing,soon Jim joined us and the three of us had real fun.I was so tired that after dancing for sometime,I climbed the legs of the dining table ,reached the top and fell asleep.

I don't remember much,I guess Jim must have left after sometime and probably Maggie shifted me to our room,because when I woke up today I was in her palm.

I think whoever said first impression is the last impression was wrong because Jim isn't a crazy person,he actually is a real gentleman.

That's all from my side,I hope you all had a great Easter!
With Love,
Adam Rat

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  1. Hi Adam!!! You have an interesting life and a cool blog :-)