Friday, April 8, 2011


Joaquin Cortes,the famous Flamenco dancer is from Spain.I am a big fan of his.His dance is so powerful,the expressions are intense and the whole dancing is Perfecto! I love the music.I am still weak and lying in bed was making me get bored. So I decided to turn on some music! Luckily there was already a CD in the player,all I had to do was press play.It gets really tricky when there's no CD in.I prefer not to try inserting one,it is heavy and very circular.This one is the CD of famous Spanish songs,Maggie burnt her favourites into a CD for this trip.It has dances of Joaquin.

Move,move ,oh yeah,oh yeah.The music makes me feel good.Who will say I was almost dead a couple of hours ago.I think music makes our lives better,no matter how stressed we are,no problem is too big when you have good music turned on.Maggie is gone out for work,she left me as she thought I needed some rest plus after yesterday's incident it was better if I stayed in.She was expecting I will be resting in bed,I think its a very good thought.But Lions never sleep,ok I know I am rat,but the Dialogue is pretty heavy,huh?

While I was dancing I saw a blue bird,I think it was a bird.I went to check the window but it was gone.After dancing for almost an hour,I got tired and decided to sit back and relax.What a beautiful day!? There is big gallery in our apartment,one gets a full view of the road outside our place from there.I shifted my chair there and was enjoying the view.

All the galleries are connected through some pipe like thingies,I think its the connecting cables for phones or something like that.It is thick enough for me to walk,I don't want to borrow any trouble today,so I won't try it but its definitely a good way of reaching downstairs,I bet I will reach faster than the lift!
Paella was good,Tasty! Spain is a wonderful country,it will be interesting to spend almost a month here.When Maggie will be done with her work,we will head back to England.I will meet my friends and share my experiences with the rat club.Oh how much I miss them!

I am sharing with you a video featuring J.Cortes.I hope you will enjoy the video. :)

There is one more performance that I totally enjoyed ,here is the link to that performance of Joaquin Cortes.He is wonderful!!



  1. Keeping all the things apart....I tell you not to try any adventure (the wire thing)....the train episode was enough for Maggie...but i must say u have got some real gut dude...

    Adam u simply rock...\m/.

  2. You blog is indeed enjoyable. I could that you had fun doing this...

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