Friday, April 1, 2011

Introduction: Hello Everyone!

I am Adam 'The Rat'.I have no idea where I am originally from,but right now I live with my owner Maggie.She is a pretty wonderful person.She works as a Photographer for the National Science Magazine.We just shifted to a new place .They call it Spain.The place is nice.We still don't have much friends here as we don't know many people,but I bet we will soon make friends! I have learnt one thing from my experience that if you give a big smile to a human,they will be your friends in less than a minute.Maggie uses this trick,it always works!

Apart from eating all day and running all over the place,I love watching television and eating Pizzas,*Yum yum*.That's one good reason why Im a little over weight,not fat! just a little over weight. :)Maggie and I love watching movies,that's what we do every weekend.She loves watching the emotional crap,oopsie sorry but truth is truth,but just sometimes when I am lucky we watch Rat movies! I bet you all have watched Ratatouille and Stuart Little.They are my idols! They truely knew how to be a True Rat! My rat club has banners of these great men all over them.They wore super classy clothes,ate food and knew how to get the ladies.I am a little different though,I am happy with my shorts and I really have a hard luck with the ladies,but I am learning and just someday I am hoping to meet the girl of my dreams.Girls these days want "Mulaah"!. "No value for my heart,no value for my love",Haha I sound like a drunk heartbroken man,thats from where I borrowed the lines!.

Maggie and I are real close,we can just read everything in each other's eyes.Its easy for me as her eyes are big and blue.I wonder how she reads mine.I have learnt English from her,but here its of no use.We can't talk to anyone they speak something entirely different.Maggie knows how to speak Hello,How are you? in this new language.It goes like this 'Hola!,Cómo está?' People stare us when she says that,I think something is wrong with the way she says it.I just do not understand why humans have so many languages,why can't they have a one for all,like us .
Its been only a week that we got here but seems like its been years since I haven't met my gang.Mojo is my best pal.He is the Dude,I tell you.He loves Jay-Z,even I like him too.I pray for my friend Mojo each night,I am sure he is missing me too back in England.

We live in Madrid,I don't know much about this place but I do know their is a Soccer Stadium near our house as we hear people roar at the top of their voices whenever a match is being played.I'm hoping to get a chance to see the stadium soon.I have made list of the places to visit, it includes River Manazanares,Buen Ritero park,The royal theatre,please let me know if you know some good places near Madrid ,Spain! I will ask Maggie to take me there and you bet she won't refuse when I will make my "Puppy Eyes" face.

Goodnight for now!

Adam "The Rat"


  1. hey Adam!! the pilot episode is so Rocking....

  2. Very nice and cool!!!