Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Train Adventure

Maggie had a meeting with a client yesterday,we had to go to Zaragoza.After finding the location on the internet and printing out a map we started off our trip.After a short drive,we arrived at the railway station,she took me with her as its not safe for me to be alone in a new place.I keep getting lost because of my "Jumpy jump" type of nature,and she is well aware of that.So she put me in her coat's pocket and we took the train.I usually avoid getting out of her pocket in a crowd as its scary to see lots of heads running here and there.I wonder where they all go,anyways who cares!

The train takes around 75 minutes to travel from Madrid to Zaragoza,someone told Maggie in English when she enquired.I was curious to see the view outside as suddenly the noise became less,maybe because we left the station and got into the train,but still I wanted to check and so I gave a quick peak outside.Unfortunately ,my eyes met with a round big pair of other eyes and the next thing I remember was this crazy women shouting and pointing fingers towards the pocket.

I got scared less by the finger and more by her voice and popped out of the pocket.I know I made a mistake,my bad,but she was damn scary.I started running and people started getting off their seats.I am not sure why,I thought I was scared,I am not sure why they started running too.Or maybe I was imagining because of being so scared,it was all very confusing.Maggie was shouting my name and trying to tell people that I am her pet,but I don't think they really understood what she said,because they didn't stopped shouting.

I jumped and landed on the seat but a man tried to catch me,Woof,What made him think he can catch me? I slipped and continued running.I was feeling like a sprint runner ,with not much stamina though.Next I was hanging to a women's purse but she shook it so hard that I got smashed into the glass window .I felt dizzy and as soon as I felt the sensation of Maggie's Palm, I fainted. Oh did I forget to add ,I fainted saying "I will be back!"? Ha ha Jokes apart,well that happens only in the movies.

After 5 hours when I got my senses back,we were at home.I felt terrible firstly because I was hurt ,and secondly Maggie had to cancel her appointment because of me.Maggie looked at me and said "AlĂ­viate pronto".I don't know what that means but I am sure it means something good.We will be making Paella today for dinner,its a traditional Spanish dish,will let you know how it was when we meet next time.

Feliz fin de semana! HappyWeekend :)

Adam Rat

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  1. Interesting experience friend. I love the coolness of this blog. Thanks.

  2. Hello Friend! I'm glad you liked the blog. :)

  3. Interesting post.Keep up the good work.

  4. Always my friend. Thanks for following My Article Photo Blog - you're the first.

  5. So lovely train.

  6. Sounds exciting. In case you didn't know, the Noisy Cricket is on the scene.

  7. u should take care of yourself buddy.....i am sure u will be great and soon, u will be back...ready for another adventure...

    P.S.- ask Maggie to give u some cheese..